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Welcome to the Kuyasa Fund. We hope this website paints a clear picture of the work we do and the vision we have. Here you can learn a bit more about what we do and see what we’ve been up to. Take some time browsing the site, and please get in touch via our CONTACT page if you’d like to find out more.

The Kuyasa Fund is a social development organisation that uses micro finance as a tool for improving the housing conditions of poor communities in South Africa.

Some words we work by:

“Micro finance is not a charity. It is a way to extend the same rights and services to low-income households that are available to everyone else. It is recognition that poor people are the solution, not the problem.” – Kofi Annan, 2004

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Heritage Day at the Kuyasa Fund


Heritage Day (now often referred to as Braai Day) is celebrated on the 24 September. On this day South Africans are called to celebrate their diversity; the thing that the Rainbow Nation is made of. In 1996, former president Nelson Mandela had this to say about Heritage Day:

“When our first democratically-elected government decided to make Heritage Day one of our national days, we did so because we knew that our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our new nation.”

Take a look at how some of the Kuyasa Fund staff showed love for their rich cultural heritage:

Kuyasa’s Loan Lingo

At the Kuyasa Fund we believe that everyone is creditworthy if given a fair chance. But, in order to enter into the commitment of taking out a loan, clients need to have adequate information. Part of this involves unpacking the lingo of loans. Financial jargon is not easy to grasp in the first place, but in a context of delayed access to financial resources (and discourse) as well as limited literacy, it is important to make this jargon more accessible. Global financial inclusion recognises the importance of financial literacy, building financial capability and ensuring adequate customer protection policies.

During both loan marketing and signing processes our staff explain to clients the relevant terms and conditions of taking out a Kuyasa Fund loan. However, this information may be 1. a lot to take in, 2. overlooked in the excitement of being able to take out a loan and 3. forgotten. In light of this, our Client Education Booklet is intended to be a resource for clients as they navigate their loan journey. In it we’ve defined some loan lingo relevant to the industry and our organisation.

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Here is some of the loan lingo we’ve defined:

Lender = someone who makes money available to another with the expectation that the money will be repaid

Borrower = someone who has received money from a lender

Microcredit = small loans

Loan = a sum of money that you borrow that needs to be paid back with interest over a specific time

Principal/capital = the amount of money you borrow

Instalments = equal sums of money due for loans spread over a period of time

Loan term = the period of time over which instalments are paid

Interest = the fee paid on borrowed money

Interest rate = the rate at which the fee is charged; the amount of interest

Initiation fee = the cost of processing your loan

Security deposit = sum of money paid in advance to protect a lender

Debit order = a lender, that you have given permission, can collect money straight from your bank account. You allow money to be taken from your bank account and paid to someone else automatically on a set day every month. 

Arrears = money that is owed and should have been paid earlier

Budget = a plan of all the money you are earning and spending

Saving = putting away money for the future

There is also some Kuyasa specific lingo that needs to be defined:

LDO = Loan’s Development Officer, our field staff who work with clients throughout their loan process. They are the link between the client and the organisation.

CSC = Customer Service Centre, A Kuyasa Fund container located in our client hubs. Here marketing is done and queries can be addressed by our CSC Representatives.

PTP =  Promise to Pay, an agreement made with a Kuyasa staff member as to when and how a client will pay their instalment.


A Kuyasa CSC container

We found the following resources helpful as we put together our booklet: